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ZNYTH offers 360º turn-key historic scanning solutions

Digital Historic Archiving

Digitize your collection with professional-grade 3D scanners for museums, universities, or companies.

3D Scanning Technology

Capture detailed 3D data of real-world objects using state-of-the-art scanners and create accurate digital replicas.

Non-Destructive Testing

Thoroughly inspect and analyze artifacts and components without compromising their integrity.

VR Development

Transform your collection into impactful virtual reality experiences with body tracking and 3D eye displays.

Website Content Creation

Integrate digitized artifacts seamlessly into your website for immersive online exploration.

3D Printing

ZNYTH produces stunning physical replicas using various 3D printing technologies.

Legacy in 3D

Our expert team meticulously scans historical artifacts, ensuring precise replication of every intricate detail from ancient relics to contemporary wonders. Beyond preservation, we prioritize accessibility, offering diverse experiences such as intuitive 3D viewing, immersive VR experiences, and the tangible reality of 3D printing, ensuring these digital treasures are accessible to all.

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Modern-day historic applications

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) Museum, established in 1956, is located at the historic Speedway, Indiana, USA. Its mission is to celebrate and preserve the Speedway's rich heritage, which includes hosting iconic races like the Indianapolis 500. So, when the museum was ready to explore the future of digital, it was only natural that it turned to ZNYTH Technologies.

The problem was one many museums face: traditional methods of preservation involve extensive handling of artifacts and historical pieces. Additionally, the IMS needed in-depth accessibility and was aiming to reach out to new audiences through digital experiences.

The results are extraordinary. The ZNYTH Technologies team has driven serious high-performance value for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. We planned, and we scanned, and we scanned some more. Our team delivered high-fidelity digital replicas, created interactive race car model experiences, uncovered new research and analysis, and helped develop a virtual repository of priceless works of art and speed.

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